ATO SBR & SuperStream

Software API

ATO SBR & SuperStream


Software Objectives are leaders in application integration for all the ATO and Treasury resources offering SBR, SuperStream and ELS2SBR services. Our APIs are aimed squarely at developers and support the following environments:

  • Dot Net is supported natively
  • COM and DCOM for legacy applications
  • Command line support for ultra-legacy apps (pre 2000)
  • REST services for Java and Linux environments
  • Class documentation
  • Unlimited business hours support to developers
  • All tax time and annual updates
  • Support for AS4 clients and related software to developers

This is the cheapest way to get into SBR reporting:

Product Price Inc GST
SBR 1 Forms (BAS, summaries, services): $550 per year
FBT forms and services $550 per year
ELS2SBR (IITR, IITC etc.) $550 per year
Installation and Setup $5000